Will Bathroom Remodeling Be In The Future

Advertisement is especially organic and  the maps okay I wanted to show you this  because I didn’t want to you know just kind of say things on earth in there but  you you are seeing you are looking at  this first hand okay bath remodeling  you’re here advertising for spots or a  fourth page on Google so this is not  good because people have to go through  four pages to find the advertisement and you’re.

Actually on the bottom so that’s  that’s not good at all and so okay so  continuing on this is your site again  trust flow what is trust flow so trust I  like to see this number above  this is  basically people talking about you and  all  citations citations here is at zero so  there’s no citations regarding you and basically the trust is this companies  like Yelp or Angie’s list or any other  any other companies.

Like that that would  mention you or have your site being  being being registered in them and this  is very needed for for just organic  searching your organic ranking again all  this we kind of do we do this for you in  a solid work that we do okay anchor  there’s no links going out inbound or  outbound links so this has got to be  changed in your site does not do that at  all today what else I could show.

You so  this is your google listing I mentioned  to you about the Google listening that  is super important you mentioned that  you have about two locations this is one  of the locations obviously in Everett  Massachusetts this is what is being  pulled right now if I click on your  website right here this is the tab this  is you right and this has got to be  tricked out like this gotta be really  add business hours there’s so much that  can be done here that should be done and  yeah man this is this is this is kind.

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