Outrageous Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodeling

likely to crack  both those dudes guys nice and straight  shiny  a couple hours six or seven grinding  pads and polishing pads and that’s what  you get for man’s way to do it y’all now  we’ll do the March for the faucet  there’s a sinkhole is all done up and pretty.

Guys I’m taking the next two  precaution we left an oversized lip  around this so the kids don’t splash  water out all over everything  and I’ll run around this top edge of the  sink right here with a bead of caulking  just because I just don’t want to take chances with the children making a mess  here yep all lined up fiberglass it in  place for sharks off a surfboard  surfboard.

That’s just foolish  using a Camino hardener to put this in  place with an hardness it doesn’t come  loose he’s let it harden and carried  upstairs it’s just a little bit hot guys  sizzling now also how to grind away the  front of my cabinet here folks  you know the paper-thin because.

my hole  so big so say but actually gonna fit or  not this side dropping out first  there we go  nice that’s perfect so it’s good  thank you John that was kind of that  yeah thank you yeah you get this gap  underneath to keep the water from  splashing up and out of the sink all the.

way you’re on put the faucet in your the  backslash none at all I had a hand  polish and hand cut all that back splash I’m going to be placing the shower power  right here on this wall I’m basically  redoing in my entire bathroom so the  installation in the existing bathroom  might be a little bit different I’m just  showing you what I do and how I do it.


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