Important Life Lessons Taught Us

The towel.I mean, it’s really gross.If the tint catches that, what’s going to happen is it’s not going to allow it to perfectly stick to the back of the window.And you’ll have a little fiber, sort of like a clear bra.If there’s junk or anything in a clear bra, and you lay the clear bra down, you’re going to see it through the clear bra against the paint.

And it’s not going to be a great job.So he’s militant about cleaning.I’ve never seen anybody clean it so many times.And he continues here with different brushes and squeegees.Now as he’s cleaning this, I can’t help myself as I walkover, and I point to the car, and tell him there’s a little-spot right there. My COD kicked in.And I think he gave me such a dirty look through the when he’s in the back of the car, going like dude, Know where it is.Stop looking at it.By this time, he’s sitting in the back of the car.

He’s pouring sweat.I’m feeling really bad because the angle the back windows are always notoriously hard.But because this is an older car, the seals were sort of an issue because they hadn’t been cleaned in years.So what he had to do is actually use compressed air,which is a new trick I had never seen anybody do.So he’ll blow from one end and put the towel on the other.And all the contaminants will get stuck in the towel as he’s blowing it out.

So it’s clean And, normally, he’ll go back and just clean up the little lines, which he told me are kind of the real difficult part, where you just leave one little line where the film can’t lay completely flat, and you’ve basically ruined your entire tint, and you’ve got to start all over with that process, which is a nightmare.So once he finds something that’s a little off, he scrub sit down again and then goes through the whole process.So this is where it gets pretty interesting.So the film is on that wooden board back there.But there’s a piece of glass on top of it, soit’s nice and slick.So what he’s doing, see that.

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